XS Litedome: Uses and Techniques

The Litedome package is an easy-to-use flash stand which makes various techniques possible. The Litedome kit is suitable for shoe flash mounts and comes with most of the things that you need--a standard connector, mounting hardware and the soft box. XS Lightdome stands for Extra Small light dome.

The beauty of Lightdome XS is that it allows you to use studio quality lighting wherever you are. This makes the equipment perfect for weddings and other outdoor occasions. Using a Shoe mount adapter also makes it possible to tilt the light stand.


The Lightdome XS is the smallest professional quality soft box. This is highly portable, and it can be moved pretty much anywhere you want to take it. This is a very easy way to take studio lighting where you really need it. The XS litedome is a very portable piece of equipment. This can be flattened and packed virtually anywhere. When the rods are inserted, it will take the shape of a soft box.

Outdoor photography is much more difficult than photographing in a studio. You need to put a lot of effort into getting the best photos. This lightdome makes it much easier to control light even when outdoors.

Increases Size of Lightsource

Most flashes have a very small surface area. The XS lightdome works in the same way as any soft box. This works by increasing the surface area of the light which is emitted. This has the advantage of making shadows much less harsh. A lightdome XS can be used whenever you would want to use a softbox or umbrella, but don't have these available to you.

The XS litedome will improve the quality of your photographs and make them look much better.

Using with Flash on Camera

There are a few different wys that the XS lightdome can be used. The most common method is using it with an external flash which is mounted on your camera. This connects to the camera with a special bracket which is included in the kit. The bracket holds the flash above the camera. The kit includes a number of different brackets which are suitable for different types of flashes.

The litedome XS increases the surface area of your flash by around 32 times. This means that the light will be much softer and less likely to create shadows. Using the lightdome with a flash is the most common way of using the kit. This is because it is convenient and one of the most simple methods.

Using on a Light Stand

Another method of using the Lightdome XS is by mounting it on a light stand. Although these aren't included in the kit, they are easy to find and are very good value for money. This does make it slightly more less portable, however, it does mean that you will be able to direct the light from anywhere.

Using with a Flash

A flash is the easiest source of light to use with the XS Litedome. There are many brackets included for a variety of different types of flashes. Shoe mount flashes are perhaps some of the easiest to use. This can then be triggered from the camera.