Wide Format Photo Printer Paper Storage Tips

Wide format photo printer paper is great for printing large pictures. It is essential to anyone that practices photography as a hobby or a profession. However, storing wide format photo printer paper can be rather challenging.

Since the paper is so wide, it is easily damaged. Many times large lengths of the paper will have to be discarded because it has torn, scratched or crumpled. Follow the tips below and your wide format paper will last a long time.

Use a Storage Cylinder

Like wrapping paper, wide format photo printer paper comes on a large roll. The paper on the ends of the roll can become damaged because they will hit against other items during storage. If you purchase large clear storage cylinders with end caps, you should avoid this problem all together. One roll will go in one cylinder. These storage cylinders are easily found at art supply stores.

Mount the Paper on a Roll

Another way to avoid damaging your wide format photo paper is to mount paper rolls on a large work surface. Drafting tables work great for this. You can place a number of separate paper mounts on the ends of the table. This way the paper doesn't have to be moved and can't be damaged. 

Store the Paper Alone

Regardless of how you store the paper, it is best to keep it in an isolated area. When the wide format paper is stored with other items, such as camera accessories, it can become damaged. 

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