Why Would You Want a Transparent Frame?

Why would you want a transparent frame? Well, isn't the whole point of a picture frame to put what's inside on display? You want everyone to see your image in all of it's glory with minimal distractions and a transparent frame helps that happen. It focuses the attention on the work instead of the presentation. 

So why would you choose putting your photo in any frame at all then? Well, another benefit to the transparent frame is that it provides protection to what's inside it. Not only should you put your favorite photos that you shot inside of one, but you should also put photos that you've purchased inside them too. This is especially true with one of a kind historic photos that can't be reproduced or replaced. 

It's also a nice way of presenting your work if you're trying to sell it. It shows that you are serious about your work because you want to present it. It also shows that you're serious about the quality of your work because you're not using some kind of fancy frame to enhance it. 

You know the expression "take a picture, it will last longer?" Well that picture will last even longer in a transparent frame.

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