Why Using a Camera Lens Hood Is Important

A camera lens hood is an accessory attached to the camera which is used to prevent flares from being photographed. Flares appear when photographing towards the direction of the light source. Sources of flares include the sun and other strong light sources. The shape of a lens hood ranges from the basic cone to a more complex tulip or petal hood. There are various reasons why it is important to use a lens hood. Here is a brief look into some of these reasons.

Camera Protection

A lens hood protects the photographer’s camera lens from a number of factors. The hood protects the lens from dirt and scratches as it makes it harder to reach the lens with the hood attached. It reduces the likelihood of touching the lens or damaging it with a person’s fingers. Lens hoods also lessen the chances of breaking the lens glass.

Reduces Stray Light

The use of a lens hood is suitable for situations that involve photographing into strong sources of light. A lens hood is helpful when photographing outdoors during a clear sunny day. Another branch of photography which benefits from the use of a lens hood is photographing the nightlife in clubs. Club lights and stage lights constantly move, increasing the likelihood of photographing directly towards the light source.

There are lens hoods which work better on some types of lenses over others. Flower hoods are normally attached to zoom lenses since normal hoods may affect the field of view when using some of the camera’s zoom settings.