Why to Add an Engraving to a Silver Picture Frame

A silver picture frame looks very special and makes any photo look much more important. As long as they are polished regularly and kept in good condition they look stunning. These photo frames can be hung on the wall if necessary, however, normally they are put on furniture as a piece of furniture in their own right.

Adding Engravings

Some silver picture frames are suitable for engravings. These engravings can be used to document a special occasion or tell more information about the photo.

Recording Dates

If the photo is of an important event in yours or someone else's life then you can use the engraving to record dates. Dates can be recorded forever by etching them into the metal. If the photo is of your wedding day then a date might be helpful. This will also allow future generations to know about your special day.

Special Events

If you have a photo of a special event such as a graduation or a birthday party then you can record the special event forever using the picture frame.

It's relatively easy to buy a silver picture frame and get it engraved. The engravings are fairly cheap to have done and normally charge per letter. It's also possible to buy the equipment to do the engravings yourself if you have a lot of this type of work.