Why Set up Hidden Security Cameras in Schools?

Hidden security cameras are easily obtainable from a number of sources. However, the use of concealed security cameras is sometimes a highly debatable subject. Surveillance cameras can be used in public spaces and offices for security reasons, to prevent illicit activity, and be used as evidence in court. However, these are not hidden, with people being informed what they are recording. Placing hidden cameras in schools has been considered more controversial. The following are a number of reasons to set up a camera in school.

Security Purposes

Hidden cameras can be used to keep an eye on campus grounds, regardless if there is class or not. Having cameras record can keep students, faculty and school structures safe from damage by outsiders.

Monitor Student and Faculty Behavior

Although hidden, knowing that something is recording everything that moves has the ability to influence and affect behavior. A number of teachers believe that it can distract students from learning. However, it can also be used to monitor students and events occurring in school. Instances of bullying, vandalism and other unacceptable acts can be reduced as the footage can be reviewed and used as evidence.

It is important to discuss whether installing cameras on school grounds will be beneficial for all those involved. Although hidden cameras can keep students and faculty safe, it can also induce a feeling of fear and isolation. Staff and students should be consulted and informed on the issue. It is also important to discuss the safeguards for the use of cameras to avoid any abuse of its use.