Why Invest in a Shoulder Mount?

A shoulder mount can help to hold your camera steady while taking a photo or video. It's important that your camera is steady as this can help to avoid any motion blur problems.


When you press the shutter button on your camera, the shutter will open and allow light in for a fraction of a second. If the camera moves during this time, the photo will be blurred.


A tripod is one of the best ways of ensuring stable and high quality shots. The advantage of a tripod is that it can be set up in a fixed position and then easily used to photograph high quality pictures. The problem with tripods is that the camera will be in a fixed position which cannot be moved.

Shoulder Mount

A shoulder mount on the other hand is a type of grip rod which will allow you to carry the camera anywhere you want. The camera is braced off your shoulder which should make it much more stable and less likely to suffer from jerky footage. Shoulder mounts are perfectly suited to anyone using video cameras.

A shoulder mount will keep the camera steady while still allowing you to move around and take videos of anything that you want to. Anyone interested in videography should invest in a shoulder mount.