Why a Quality Wide Angle Converter Lens is Important

A wide angle converter lens is a camera accessory which is used to broaden the camera’s field of view. It is commonly used to photograph landscapes or seascapes, photographing more of the area even from a short distance away. These types of lenses are attached to the housing of a digital camera. Here is a brief look into why the use of this kind of lens is important in photography.

Expanded Field of View

Photographers who use the wide angle conversion lens will be able to widen the scope of the view captured by the camera. The area captured using the wide angle conversion lens is bigger than the camera’s default setting for wide angle shots. This is great for capturing expansive environments such as seascapes or large subjects, allowing the photographer to fit as much into a single frame.

Shorter Distances

Using a wide angle conversion lens increases the amount of scene being captured with less distance required. This is convenient for photographing in tight spots or areas.

Increased Depth of Field

With other types of lenses, an increase in the depth of field can affect the focus of the elements being photographed. However, with using a wide angle lens, every inch of the image remains sharp. This creates a better quality photo with more impact.

Different Perspective

The increase in the lens’ field of view makes subjects distanced farther away appear closer. This creates a heightened perspective.

Ease of Use

A wide angle converter lens is a separate accessory for the camera. This can be added quickly whenever it is necessary and removed just as quickly. Some models of wide angle conversion lenses can be used underwater, great for photographing seascapes.