Where to Buy a Wholesale Picture Frame

If you are a professional photography, then buying wholesale picture frames could be a great way to make some extra money. One of the easiest ways to earn some extra income and win customers is to offer extra services. These services include photo framing.

Finding good value photo frames will make it easier to offer these services. It will also be much simpler to make a larger profit. There are hundreds of different types of photo frames available.

Searching Online

One option is to search for wholesale picture frames on the Internet. These can be contacted by phone or your order can be placed on the Internet. You will normally be able to find the largest range of different picture frames on the Internet.


If you are looking for an even wider range of different picture frames, then you could import them. Most of these photo frames are made in the Far East. Only a small selection of them will ever be imported into America and Europe. Importing your own frames is a fantastic way of offering unique designs. There are websites available on the Internet, including Alibaba, which makes it possible to track down suppliers.

When importing, you will need to buy in large quantities. It will also be necessary to deal with shipping costs and import duties.

Online Auctions

There are also online auctions which can be sometimes be a great way of tracking down wholesale photo frames. There are a number of job lots available on these sites which can be searched for.