When to Use Wireless Remote Flash Instead of Wired Studio Strobes

There are a number of instances when it is better to use wireless remote flash instead of wired studio strobes. A few of the more important reasons are listed below:

Tight Spaces

It can sometimes be difficult to find enough space for large studio strobes when shooting on-location in a client’s home.  There are many times that you may have to shoot in confined spaces or in rooms that are too small for anything but a wireless flash. In many cases, studio strobes can be a bit more powerful than needed for such small spaces. 

The Need to Carry Less

There are also times when you don’t have the ability to carry large studio strobes to a location. A wireless flash is much smaller and easier to transport especially when off the beaten path. You can easily carry more than one in order to accomplish certain lighting techniques that are usually done with studio strobes.

Outdoor Locations

Another great instance for a wireless remote flash is when shooting at an outdoor location. It can be extremely inconvenient to carry around the large battery packs needed to power wired studio strobes when away from electricity. A remote flash can be used anywhere, especially outdoors for a more accessible option when needing specific lighting effects.