When to Use a Wooden Picture Frame

A wooden picture frame can add charm to a room. Wooden frames are flexible as these can come in a variety of colors and finishes to fit the style of room or home. High quality handmade frames are also appreciated for their details and workmanship and can add an interesting focal point. As a picture frame, it should complement the image being framed and not overwhelm it. Here is a brief guide to selecting the right picture frame.

Choosing the Right Color

To place emphasis on the image itself, a rule of thumb when selecting the frame color is that it matches the dominant color of the image. For instance, when framing a night scene, choose a black frame. This keeps the attention on the image and not on the frame.

Matching the Frame with the Image

A photograph in the contemporary style can be paired with a  frame that has clean lines. Frames with intricate carvings or ornaments can be used for more traditional photographs. Picture frames lined with gold or silver will place the attention on the frame, giving it a more sophisticated look.

Finding the Right Frame for a Room

Select a picture frame which corresponds with the style and décor of the room. Frames with clean, simple lines are great in contemporary spaces while frames with ornamentation are suitable for more traditional homes.