When to Use a Rustic Picture Frame

A rustic picture frame can make certain types of photos look fantastic. As a photographer, you can earn extra money by offering value added services such as picture framing. A frame is fairly cheap, however, it can make your services much more desirable to prospective customers.

Type of Photo

A rustic picture frame is perfect for certain types of photographs. These frames are perfectly suited to photographs of landscapes and old buildings. They aren't, however, well suited for photographs of modern buildings or people.

Type of Room

When you are considering whether or not you should use a rustic picture frame, you will need to think about the type of room. Different decors of room will require different types of photo frames. If you live in a cottage or older home, then these rustic photo frames are perfect.

However, if you live in a modern home which is decorated in a contemporary way, then these might not look right. A rustic photo frame will normally look out of place in a modern room.

Clients Preferences

If you are framing a photo for your clients, then you will need to ask their opinion. Some people will love rustic photo frames while others won't appreciate them. By asking your clients to choose the type of frame they want, you can improve your reputation.