When To Use a Monopod

A monopod is a single pole that supports a camera, binoculars, video camera and other equipment in the field. This is sometimes called a unipod. A monopod allows for steadier photographing by reducing the shaking in a vertical plane. These pods are easily stored and transported. Most often they telescope or fold. When you do not have your camera or other piece of equipment attached, a monopod can also be used as a walking stick.

Unfortunately, tripods are not always possible to bring with you. When you need pictures with steadiness, the monopod can help accomplish this. They are easier to bring with you and are more steady than hand held picture taking. Here are some situations in which you may want to use a monopod:


One place you might find the monopod useful is if you are shooting pictures of wildlife. When you are exploring a forest, you might come across an animal playing. This picture would need to be captured fast before the creature sees you and stops. The monopod is easy and fast to set up to get that steady picture. You will be able to capture the action in a clear, steady movement.

Sporting Events

Another place a monopod comes in handy is when shooting pictures at a sporting event. One reason is there is not enough room usually to set up a tripod. The monopod takes up very little room. You want the pictures to be steady, and a hand held shot will not be steady. The actions are fast at just about any sporting event, and sometimes the lighting is not the greatest. You will be able to tilt the camera to the angel you need for optimal lighting with the monopod. Since you will want to use a camera with a low-shutter speed, this is handy. If your camera is a little heavy, this will help by taking the weight for you. The monopod is useful for running up and down the field to catch all the pictures.


One place that the monopod should be used is in a museum. The lighting is dim, and the monopod takes up little space and is easy to transport. Using the monopod in the museum also gives you the steady shot you cannot get by holding the camera.

There are many situations when a monopod should be used. This just names a few of them. When you have low lighting and action taking place, the monopod should be used if you cannot use a tripod. Sometimes monopods are useful in churches and amusement parks as well. When you are in a situation where you need to move while capturing the photos, a monopod helps you take a steady picture. If there is no room to set up the tripod, then the use of a monopod is useful.
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