When To Use a Glass Picture Frame:

A glass picture frame can be a good option as there is no color to clash with the photo or the room where the photo will be displayed and there is no need for a photo mat.

Where to be Displayed

Many glass picture frames have to be hung on the wall so make sure the room you want to display the picture has enough wall space available.

Room Decor

While the frame will match any room as far as color is concerned, the frame has to match the overall decor of the room. A glass picture frame would not look good in a room that had a French country or Victorian theme; rather, it would look good in a room with a contemporary feel. A room with a lot of black and white, glass coffee tables and leather sofas would look great with glass picture frames.

Picture Theme

Some pictures will look better than others in a glass picture frame. A picture with a simplistic theme, like a black and white nature scene will look good in a glass picture frame.

As with framing any picture, be sure to trust your instincts when you see the finished product.