When To Use a Ballhead Tripod

A ballhead tripod is something that comes between the legs of the tripod and the camera itself. It is what you will have the most interaction with when it comes to your tripod. There is more than one type of tripod head. It is important to understand what a ballhead tripod can do for you. When you know what to expect out of them, you will be able to take full advantage of what it is that they have to offer you.

Heavy Loads

If you happen to have an exceptionally large camera or one that is just heavy in general, a ballhead can definitely handle the heavy load. You will find that these types of tripod heads will be able to not only support your heavy camera, but also do it smoothly. In addition to handling heavy loads, these types of tripod heads can also give you a smoother and more stable shot for your camera. They can provide you with a seamless series of shots no matter what size your camera or overall load is.

Quick Movement

Photographers will need to have quick and steady movement with their tripod. A ballhead will be able to provide you with this. You will be able to get your camera on a tight and rigid lock up with just one control that you twist. This is the best way to take quick and rapid shots that require a smooth and steady hold that a tripod provides.

Easy to Carry

Whenever you have to carry your tripod around a lot, you will find that any type of protruding handles or additional accessory can be quite a pain. A ballhead tripod is something that carries quite easily. It does not have anything extra attached that you will have to worry about lugging around along with all of your other accessories and equipment.


The ballhead is exactly what it sounds like it is. The ball will allow your camera to shoot anywhere within range. No matter how high or low, as long as your tripod can hold it, the ballhead will be able to provide you range to shoot where ever you want. This works best when you need to shoot fast motion events. You will have the ability to quickly move the camera while maintaining a steady hand.


While a ballhead is used often by professionals, beginners can benefit from this type of tripod head as well. You will find that not only will you be able to have the benefit of moving the camera around with ease, but the head itself has very little fuss that comes along with it. There are no additional handles that you will have to learn or any accessories that you will have to get used to. There is just one single knob that you will have to move in order to get your camera pointed in the right direction. 

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