What to Know about UV Lens Filter Before You Buy

Before you buy a UV lens filter, it is important to understand what exactly UV light is, why you need to block it and why buying a UV filter is necessary for you. Here are answers to these important questions.

Understanding UV Light

The visual light spectrum stretches from violet to red light. The violet light has the highest frequency and the light band with the next highest level of frequency falls into the UV region.

We need to block UV light because the basic color film has three layers that are individually color sensitive to red, green and blue light. These layers are also sensitive to UV light. This means that in presence of significant UV light, the blue sensitive layer receives quite a bit of extra exposure and the resulting image takes on a prominent blue tinge.

So, a UV filter is essential for filtering out UV to avoid the blue tinge. Other reasons to buy a UV filter involve extra protection for the main camera lens from damage and scratches. Replacing a UV filter (around $20) is cheaper than replacing the main lens (up to $1,000).

Is a UV Filter Necessary for You?

You may consider a UV filter if you do a lot of outdoor shoots under the sun. Indoor shoots have no use for a UV lens. Outdoor photographs can be made much sharper by using a UV lens filter. Also, if you are located at around sea level, you really don’t need one. High altitude photography is much better with a UV filter.