What to Consider When Buying an Optical Zoom Lens

Most cameras these days have an optical zoom lens. Optical zoom lenses are one of the most used camera features b professional photographers. If you want to consider buying a camera with an optical zoom lens, here are some of tips for you to consider:

Smooth vs. Partial Zoom

Some digital cameras allow you to choose when to stop zooming in the middle of a full zoom or go straight to a full zoom. That is called the smooth zoom. With a partial zoom, there are pre-programmed zoom ratios which you can’t change. If you want to seriously consider photography as a career, go for the smooth zoom.

Parfocal vs. Varifocal

The parfocal zoom lens is considered the true zoom lens between the two. It doesn’t change focus quality while zooming. A varifocal lens looses focus when zooming in or out. Try to avoid low budget cameras that have varifocal lenses, as there are many same-priced cameras that are parfocal.

Magnification vs. Quality

Although there are some optical zoom lenses that promise high magnification and zooming ratio, they might not be able to maintain image quality. Consider getting a camera that can promise both without sacrificing one for the other.