What to Consider When Buying a Wide Angle Fisheye Lens

Trying your hand at photographic special effects would means using wide angle fisheye lens to enhance your shots, since it remains as one of the most effective accessories for stylized photos. Here are some points to consider when choosing a wide angle fisheye lens for your camera.


When attaching these lenses, you may need to get lens rings or screws to keep them in place. Take note if the effectiveness would change when using any of your camera’s functions. If it gets in the way of your camera’s capacity, like zooming, consider getting another brand that’s more compatible with your present equipment.


The saying, “You get what you pay for,” is very true when buying your wide angle fisheye lens. There are a number of brands that offer cheaper alternatives but if it causes blurry images, vignetting and other image issues, it's best that you get the more costly ones. It saves you from wasting time and effort because of extra photo editing in your computer.


Just like any other photography accessory, you have to consider where you will be using this attachment and how much wear and tear it can handle. Consider safety and hardier features when choosing fisheye lenses if they will be used for travel or sports photography.