What to Consider When Buying a Wide Angle Conversion Lens

Most photographers and videographers own a wide angle conversion lens since it is one of the most useful accessories for photo shoots. It can be used indoors for shooting large shots, without you backing out of the door just to fit everything in one shot. These lenses also great for landscape photos. Consider these factors when choosing the best wide angle conversion lens for your camera.

Wide Angle Percentage

Wide angle conversion lenses can add as much as 100 percent to your camera’s original focus. However, the need for expanding the picture’s width and length is also based on the photographer’s requirements for his photo shoots. Consider what you will use these lenses for before purchasing them.

Photo Quality

Conversion for large angles should enhance the picture and not degrade it. There are some lenses that convert your wide angle view but if it causes blurring or vignetting, you best look at other brand options.


Bring your camera along when making the purchase as you have to see if the lens you like will actually fit. If you are ordering it online, it’s best that you check for compatibility with your camera and if you need any attachment rings or bands that will need to keep the lens in place.