What is an Interchangable Lens Mount?

A lens mount is part of every camera which has interchangeable lenses. You will need to understand what this is so that you can ensure they are compatible with your camera.

What Is the Lens Mount?

A lens mount is the threaded screw on the front of your camera. This is used to screw and lock your lenses onto the body of the camera. Every camera manufacturer has its own mounting system, which is unique to that camera. When there is no lens on your camera, it should be protected using a lens cap.

Choosing the Right Lenses

When you are buying lenses, it's important that you check they are compatible with your camera. Canon uses the EOS mount, for example, on all modern digital SLR cameras. There are also other types of lens mounts which are used by different manufacturers.

Be careful when buying lenses, as even different brands can use different mounts. The new types of lens mounts allow extra features, such as auto focus.

Lens Adapters

There are also lens adapters which are available. These can be connected to your cameras lens mount and then make it possible to attach many different lenses. It's possible to find lens adapters which are suitable for all the different types of mounts.