What is an E-TTL External Flash?

One of the most impressive technological advances in digital cameras today is the external flash. Traditional photography was, for a long time, hampered by the inconsistency and difficulty of managing the light flash while capturing a shot. Those worries are no longer an issue today. Even more impressive is the new feature known as E-TTL, which stands for Evaluate through the Lens.

E-TTL Flash

The digital cameras that use E-TTL adjust the flash that is required based on the photo you are taking. When you press the shutter release, the camera measures the light and distance of the objects in the shot and makes whatever changes are needed for the best possible photo.

How it Works

Technology has allowed for all of this measuring and adjusting to occur in a fraction of a second. As you trigger the shutter release, two different flashes are triggered. These flashes last a microsecond but go a long way in the quality of the photo. The first flash is used to measure the surroundings for that specific shot. The second flash fires along with the camera shutter to properly light the photo. The E-TTL feature can always be adjusted or disabled if you prefer to light the shot for a specific effect.

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