What is a Tripod Bracket?

 All lovers of photography need to have a tripod in order to take high quality and smooth photos. The tripod bracket is the part of the tripod which fixes onto the camera and holds it in place. Tripod brackets and tripod heads can rotate and revolve to allow the camera to point in different directions.

Camera Fixing

Most tripod brackets will fix into the tripod in two different ways. They either use a simple screw thread, which is screwed into the tripod socket on the bottom of a camera, or a quick release mount which is used to quickly secure the camera by flicking a switch. Whichever type of tripod bracket you choose, they all fit into the same standard fixing.

Almost all tripod mounts use the same standard fitting and this means that it's really easy to choose one to suit your camera. Whichever camera you have, you should be able to use the same type of tripod bracket mount.

Tripod Head

The tripod head is another name for the bracket which allows the camera to move in all directions. There are several different types of tripod heads which are popular. The most popular types include pan and tilt, ball joint and fluid joints. The different types of head will affect how the camera moves, which is why you must give consideration to the type of tripod head that you want to use.

Popular Tripods: