What is a Lens Mount Throat Diameter?

The lens mount in the body of the camera enables the user to interchange lenses. Most of the SLR and DSLR cameras will have a lens mount, whereas certain point and shoot cameras have a fixed lens and hence the lens mount is absent. The lens mount mechanism is of three different types: bayonet-type, screw-type and lock-type. The lens mount throat diameter is the measurement in millimeters of the diameter of the mount.

Importance of the Lens Mount Throat Diameter

The lens mount throat diameter is crucial in a camera, as it offers a range of compatibility with various lenses. Various manufacturers of cameras like to keep the measurement of their lens mount throat diameter unique so that only lenses manufactured by their company fit on to the mount.

Although there are adapter rings, the lenses which fit directly on to mount give the best results in imaging, as the lens is able to maintain the correct distance from the sensor or film as it was meant to. Also, cameras of the same company will have different categories of lens mounts with various throat diameters.