What is a Gorillapod Tripod?

A Gorillapod tripod is a device used by many photographers to stabilize their cameras. They are different than the traditional tripod. With these types of tripods, getting the perfect shot is easy regardless of the conditions. 

The Design

The Gorillapod is a flexible tripod with legs that are designed to bend and wrap. A traditional tripod only allows you to set up on even surfaces. The Gorillapod is designed to be used in areas that are impossible for a traditional tripod. The feet of the flexible legs are made with rubberized grips to ensure stability on any surface. The camera attaches via a secure locking ring, allowing you to stabilize and secure the camera. Even though the legs are flexible, the pod will not become strained under the weight of the camera.


A Gorillapod is much lighter than other types of tripods available. Depending on the model you choose, they weigh anywhere from 1.5 ounces, to a little over 1 pound. Since they are so lightweight, it's easy to pack them with a small camera bag and lug them around the most difficult terrain. The legs can be folded, or spiraled around other objects, making this one of the most portable tripods on the market.


Even though the Gorillapod is lightweight, it can handle a pretty hefty weight load. The heavy duty model can withstand the weight of professional cameras with large lenses, up to 11 pounds. Since they are made of high quality and flexible legs, the weight of the camera is evenly distributed no matter what position you have the Gorillapod set up in.


There are several options available for the Gorillapod. If you have a simple compact camera or camcorder, and just want to be able to get good shots in hard to reach places, the Original Gorillapod will probably work best for you. The Original is availble with a locking ring or a magnetic piece to attach the camera to the tripod. For slightly larger cameras, such as lightweight SLRs, they have an SLR model available. This will hold up to 2 pounds and weighs less than 6 ounces. The SLR-Zoom option is available for the heavier models, and will withstand up to 6 1/2 pounds while only weighing 8 1/2 ounces. The Focus Gorillapod is designed for cameras used by professionals that may have heavy lenses. It will hold as much as 11 pounds while weighing just over a pound.

All models have additional accessories available. iPod and iPhone clips can be purchased for the Original model. Bubble level clips are available to help ensure a steady angle. Spiked feet attachments are available to allow you to dig in to ground for extra stability.


The Gorillapods also tend to be less expensive than many other tripod options available. The smaller models start at only $22, and the professional models can be purchased for under $100. The additional accessories are also inexpensive, starting at as low as $3.

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