What Is a Creative Memories StoryBook?

Creative Memories StoryBook is the perfect tool for those who are interested in digital scrapbooking. It offers a solution that is very simple and can work well for making family, holiday or even birthday scrapbooks.


This program offers a wide variety of layouts that can be downloaded from the Creative Memories site. You can pick what you need and then start working on the layout. There are also many templates available that you can use according to your needs.

Digital Photos

This program allows you to play with your digital photos with maximum flexibility. All this is achieved because the software provides you with templates that are predesigned. Once you start using this program, it will help you create your personalized digital photo book in a flash.

Photo Cards

This program also makes it very easy for you to send greetings with the help of photo cards that show your sentiments to the recipient. You can make 5 x 7 Folded Cards, as these will make for the perfect announcement, invitation and holiday greetings. These are available in packs of 10 and 20 and include high quality envelopes in a choice of eight exciting colors.

To make your cards more unique, you can make use of 4 x D Accordion 3 – Panel as well as 4 x 4 Accordion 5 – Panel Cards which are available exclusively from Creative Memories.

Photo Books

This software ensures that you can create a photo book that will not fade. The reason for this is that everything is printed on paper that's designed to withstand the effects of pollution and fading. You can create hardcovers which are very long lasting, and you can also use softcovers to personalize your photo book.

The bottom line is that this software provides you with the best opportunity to create anything that you like, including desktop wallpaper, page prints, stationary, photo gifts and of course a photo book.