What is a Battery Grip?

There are useful battery grip cases available for many popular camera brands. These battery grips clip around the outside of your camera with a number of benefits. If you are interested in battery grips, then you will need to ensure that you choose one which is compatible with your camera.

Extended Battery Life

Battery grips have larger batteries which plug into your camera. This means that if you are using these battery grips, you will be able to benefit from improved battery life. This makes it possible to enjoy using your camera for much longer without needing to change batteries.

These battery grips are used by many professionals thanks to the improved shooting times. These contain large batteries which are much more powerful than the normal battery in the camera.

Easier to Hold

If you have big hands then you might find it difficult to hold a camera comfortably. An easy way around this is to use a battery grip. This makes the camera larger and normally easier to hold.

Better for Shooting in the Cold

If you are using a camera in cold weather conditions, then it will use the battery much quicker. By using a battery grip, it is possible to continue shooting in cold weather conditions for much longer.