Using Wireless Spy Cameras for Pranks

Wireless spy cameras have come a long way in a short span of time. Initially created for investigative purposes, their use has broadened to include documenting pranks. They are light and easy to carry almost anywhere. As long as the device is placed in a cool, dry area, then pranksters are ready to go.

The Popularity of Wireless Cameras for Pranks

The use of wireless cameras to capture pranks has gained popularity through prank shows on television such as "Candid Camera." Unsuspecting participants come across bizarre situations with the camera capturing their reactions. In some cases, the unwilling participants may laugh it off, but there are also those who did not find it funny, becoming angry at the crew. With the availability and ease of use of wireless cameras, an increasing number of people are deciding to try it out, even posting their escapades online.

Dangers of Using Wireless Technology for Pranks

Pranks are meant to be fun. However, in some cases, these playful pranks can go overboard. Recorded incidents such as “Happy Slapping” have brought pranks to a new and dangerous level. Instead of being a harmless prank, such instances are known to be bordering on bullying or harassment. Such activities can be punishable by law. In most cases, the prank can be considered a misdemeanor under federal law. This can change depending on the outcome, such as if people got hurt or if there were any fatalities caused by the prank. In such situations, a number of other laws may be used instead.