Using the Lensbaby Wide Angle Lens

Taking dreamy, blurry photos is a breeze with Lensbaby lenses. Lensbaby is best known for achieving shots with Selective Focus. The Sweet Spot – the sharpest area in your frame – is adjustable due to the lens's flexible grips. There is an Optic Lens for your preferred haziness, as well as a number of accessories to make your shots more exciting and engaging. One such popular add-on is the Lensbaby Wide Angle Lens.

The common problem with taking wide shots with the Lensbaby is maintaining the size of the Sweet Spot. The wider you go, the smaller the Sweet Spot becomes. Using any wide angle lens doesn’t take care of the problem, but with the Lensbaby Wide Angle, the size of the focused area is retained.

Elements of the Lensbaby Wide Angle Lens

The Wide Angle conversion lens attaches to any Lensbaby through the front screw. It’s a 0.6x wide angle lens that converts the normal 50mm focal length to 30mm, giving you a far wider range of view on your photo. As a perk, the back of the lens unscrews and can be used as a macro lens. This is handy for shooting subjects 2-3 inches away from your camera.

Uses of the Lensbaby Wide Angle Lens

Landscape photographers and nature photographers alike will benefit greatly from the Lensbaby Wide Angle Lens. They will be able to take far shots of scenery and architectural design, and still maintain the dreamlike feel of their photographs. Consequently, nature photographers and macro photographers will also be able to take advantage of this lens. For extreme close ups, they will be able to best control the Sweet Spot, without fear of having it magnified too much.