Using the Lensbaby Super Wide Angle Lens

Lensbaby lenses have become highly popular among photographers due to the dreamy, diffused effect they provide. Unlike other normal lens add-ons that can recreate this halo feel, Lensbaby has a flexible grip that allows users to accurately maneuver they’re desired area of focus. For wide angle shots and macro photographers, using the Lensbaby lenses could pose a problem in that the size of the Sweet Spot – or area in sharp focus – is often uncontrollable, especially when using add-on lenses and peripherals.

The Lensbaby Super Wide Angle Lens is the solution for photographers of landscape, nature or architecture. This lens accessory attaches to any Lensbaby lenses through their standard 37mm screw thread.  

Elements of the Lensbaby Super Wide Angle Lens           

This lens optic effectively enables you to use your Lensbaby lens as a 21mm wide focal length lens, due to its 0.42x super wide lens. The normal focal length of Lensbaby lenses is 50mm. This also works for macro photography, in that you can get as close to less than 3 inches away from your subject and still retain focus. When other lenses are used with the Lensbaby, a certain amount of vignetting – or darkening around the edges – is observed. With the Super Wide Angle of Lensbaby, this problem is completely eliminated.

Uses for the Lensbaby Super Wide Angle Lens

The Super Wide Angle Lens is very useful when you’re shooting in tight spaces and corridors, and you want to take a wider shot. The Sweet Spot here remains significantly small, and is best for isolating a single object or subject from the rest of your photo. This lens is perfect for use in galleries, interiors and narrow passages.