Using the Lensbaby Step Up/Shade

The Lensbaby line of lenses is slowly gaining popularity among photographers and videographers alike, because of its flexibility in being able to take pictures with one distinct spot in sharp focus, while the rest fades out into a dreamlike blur. Lensbaby lenses are best used for creating drama, and putting prime focus on a particular subject. There are many types of Lensbaby accessories and lenses to choose from, depending on your desired level of blur and the type of shots you wish to achieve.

One common problem among Lensbaby users is the attachment ring of the lens line. The Lensbaby lenses accommodate their standard 37mm optic lenses, but using external filters therein becomes a problem. Filters often come in the standard 52mm size, which is too big to be accommodated by Lensbaby lenses. The solution can be found in the Lensbaby Step-Up/Shade accessory.

Elements of the Lensbaby Step-Up/Shade

The Lensbaby Step-Up/Shade add-on is a dual-purpose accessory. Once attached to your Lensbaby, it instantly provides a shade for your lens to keep off unwanted light spillage and flare. Secondly, this accessory can accommodate any 52mm filter add-on through its step-up ring. Just screw in the filter of your choice, and you can work your Lensbaby any which way you desire. This Step-Up/Shade accessory will fit in any of Lensbaby’s lenses, accessories and optics.

Uses of the Lensbaby Step-Up/Shade

This 37mm to 52mm converter gives Lensbaby users the flexibility of being able to use any third-party filter add-on. This is best when you feel the need to use UV Filters or polarizing filters with your pictures. Especially in outdoor shoots, it becomes necessary to use third-party filters to control the light and the colors better. Examples of filters that are best used with the Lensbaby are polarizing filters, shades, effects filters, and UV filters.