Using the Lensbaby Muse

The Lensbaby Muse is 1 of 3 different special lenses that can be used for differential focus. This focus is frequently used on nature photos and portraits, and will have the subject be sharp and in focus. Then, everything else out of focus and blurry. In order to use the lens, simply squeeze it for focus and then bend the lens to place the sweet spot where you want it. It uses the optic swap system, which means there are unlimited ways to use the lend and create different photos. There are 2 different versions of the Muse, as it has a plastic optic version and a double glass optic.

Step 1: Using the Lens

The lens has easy focusing. Simply squeeze the focusing collar and manually set the focus. Once the focus is found, bend the lens to place the sweet spot, or spot that will be sharp, by bending the neck of the lens. There are several different aperture discs for different aperture openings. There are also several blank disks, so you can create your own or customize the aperture. Place the sweet spot wherever you want. It is very easy to learn how to use the lens, as this is the least difficult of the 3 made by Lensbaby.

Step 2: Using Accessories

This is a very versatile lens, as it can be used in almost any type of situation. The lens comes with many accessories that can be used with the lens and camera. Change between the different optics for different types of photos. Lensbaby offers several different kits, along with step up shade and wide angle accessories. It is an affordable option at about $100, and will open up the world of photography for those amateurs. Use this for nature shots, portraits, staged photos, or just as a way to change the everyday picture.

Step 3: Using Manual Focus

One of the ways that Lensbaby has kept the price down is by using a tubular, telescopic hose that can be bent. This lens does not lock into place so you will need to hold it into place. This can be annoying as the tube will snap back into place. This can make repeating a shot very difficult. However, this lets you explore all different ways to shot an image. The requires you to let go a little bit; if you do not have precise control each time, even small changes will create a new image.

Step 4: Understanding Specifications

The focal length of the lens is 50mm, and it is a manual focus. It comes with interchangeable magnetic aperture disks. There is no limit to the maximum focus and a minimum focus of 12 inches. There is absolutely no electronic communication with the camera, so the best shooting mode is aperture priority.

This lens can be used on Panasonic Lumix DMC, Olympus E1, Samsung GX, Pentax K, Minolta Maxxum, Sony Alpha A, Nikon F and Canon EF cameras. It is a light weight lens, as it weighs just under 4 ounces. It is possible to choose between a plastic optic or double glass optic. If you are looking to create new and different photos, then see about using the Lensbaby Muse.