Using the Lensbaby Muse PL

Lensbaby, a popular manufacturer of selective focus lenses, has a second product to add to their motion picture line. The Lensbaby Muse PL was created for moviemakers and cinematographers who want to incorporate the Lensbaby Optic Lenses in their dreamlike sequences. Just like all the other lenses carried by the brand, the Lensbaby Muse PL fits in any PL mount camera, whether motion picture or photo.

Elements of the Lensbaby Muse PL

The default lens of the Lensbaby Muse PL is the Double Optic glass. The good thing about this product is that it can be fitted with any of the Optic Lenses in the Lensbaby line. Each Optic Lens has a different effect on the image, from sharp to more blurry, vintage to distorted. Just like the other Lensbaby lenses, you can tilt the lens to direct the Sweet Spot or sharpest area in your shot. The rest blends out into a dreamlike blur. Note that this lens has no manual focus.

Uses of Lensbaby Muse PL

In filming, the Lensbaby Muse PL will come in handy if you wish to put a vintage look to your dreamy or blurry sequence. Just fit it with the Lensbaby Single Glass Optic. To create that artistic dark halo around your frame, the Pinhole Optic of Lensbaby is your best bet. You can even play around with the background and make shapes appear in it through some of Lensbaby’s accessories. For instance, the Aperture Creativity Kit allows shapes – such as stars – to appear out of lighted areas in your blurred background. If you want a bit of distortion, fit it with the Fish Eye lens and you have a wide angle hallucinogenic view of the world.