Using the Lensbaby Macro Kit

Those familiar with the Lensbaby line know very well that this popular brand of specialized lenses is best for dramatic, dreamlike shots. Lensbaby has been very successful in penetrating the world of professional photographers and videographers. For capturing images where you have to highlight a certain subject in your shot, nothing works as well as the Lensbaby. With this line of specialty lens, photographers are able to keep one spot in their shot in prime focus, while letting the rest fade out in a hazy blur.

Nature photographers and macro photographers will benefit greatly from this style, since they will be able to get up close to their subject and still be able to isolate a certain aspect. By keeping their desired spot in sharp focus, they can create big drama even at extreme close-up. This is best done with the Lensbaby Macro Kit.

Elements of the Lensbaby Macro Kit

With this set of lens and accessories, you can make little things larger than life, and still be able to portray a sense of drama and mystery. The Macro Lens Kit comes with two add-on lenses that can be screwed on to any Lensbaby lens. There’s a +4 filter, and a +10 filter. With these add-ons, you can remain in sharp focus even if you’re 2-13 inches away from the subject.

Uses of the Lensbaby Macro Kit

The kit works best for taking extreme close-ups of objects. For nature photography, you might want to take a shot of a bug and retain the dreamlike manner. You might also take an artistic close up of a flower, while the petals dissolve into hazy scenery.  Jewelry may be great subjects, if you can capture the glint and glamour in extreme close ups. There are many artistic interpretations once can explore, and with the Lensbaby Macro Kit, no subject is too small.