Using the Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit

Lensbaby lenses are gaining a big cult following among professional and amateur photographers alike. One of their hot items is the Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit. With this kit, your aperture shape is no longer just the normal circle; rather, you can choose any aperture shape you want. Though this may seem insignificant in some pictures, the effect is best seen during shots with brightly-lit subjects and low aperture settings.

What’s In the Kit

To be able to use this product, you need to have an existing Lensbaby lens. The Creative Aperture Kit contains one heart shape of f/4 stop, one star shape also of f/4 stop, and 5 blank discs that you can customize. There’s also an available Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit Blanks that contains 10 blank discs.

How It Works

Each lens is for inserting in the optic of any Lensbaby lens. The shape of your Aperture disc will appear in the background of your pictures, provided that you use a very low aperture and that there are brightly-lit portions in the background. For instance, if you use the star shape on a cityscape, the blurred city lights will appear star-shaped if you use an f/4 aperture. Make sure that some of the brightest spots in your image is placed in the blurred area or background.

Uses for the Creative Aperture Kit

This accessory is best for hobby photographers who want to add a dash of fun and novelty to their pictures. Cut out your desired pattern or shape in the blank discs. Professional photographers might also find this accessory useful, especially for creating dreamy scenery and stellar portraits.