Using the Lensbaby Composer

The Lensbaby composer is a brand new lens created by Lensbaby. The design of the lens mimics a ball and socket in order to get the smoothest selective focus. Selective focus is used frequently in photography in order to emphasis a specific object in the shot. The rest of the items in the shot will be out of focus and blurry. With a normal lens, this can require several adjustments, as selective focus is achieved by angle, tilt, aperture diameter, f number, image format and more. The Lensbaby composer simply requires the user to tilt the lens to the needed angle in order to achieve the desired depth of field. Once the correct angle is set on the lens, it can be locked into place. Basically, the lens will title so that the camera operator doesn’t need to.

The Lens

This lens accessory can be used on Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, Minolta, Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras. Be sure to check the model, as it is not available for all models. This is a manual focus lens as there is no communication between the camera and the lens. By using the aperture priority mode, it is possible to automatically meter the light on all SLR and digital cameras. The focal length of this lens is 50 mm and has an interchangeable aperture. How this lens is different from others is that it can achieve selective focus within the plane of focus.


This lens will let the photographer be more creative, as it provides much more flexibility. This is a unique way to control selective focus and depth of field. With this lens, the results can be stunning and can be used by even amateur photographers. With the Lensbaby composer, it is possible to blur a lot of the background. The same amount of blur could previously only be achieved with a very wide aperture that is very expensive.

Aperture Disc

The lens comes with aperture disks that can be used to control the image. It comes with 5 different blank disks, a heart shaped disk and a star shaped disk. These disks produce different points of light. The star aperture is used for points of light that occur behind the object. The blank disks can be used to create your own custom shapes. Each disk produces different effects that can be rotated for each shot. This rotation changes the source of light. Because the camera does not know the aperture settings, as there is no electronic communication, it is best to run the camera in aperture priority mode. This way, it is possible to adjust the shutter speed for the aperture setting.

Optic Swap System

Lensbaby uses the new optic swap system, in which the four different optic elements can be customized and swapped in and out to create many different shots. There is an optical glass doublet that is multi coated, an optical glass singlet that is uncoated, plastic singlet that is used to maximize blur and pinhole plate optic. These come with interchangeable magnetic discs for ease of use and swapping. The optics is locked in the lens by a 3 prong system.