Using the Lensbaby 3GPL

The Lensbaby Movie Lenses come in two forms, one of which is the Lensbaby 3GPL. Due to their popularity among DSLR users, this popular lens brand has come up with some specialty gear for those who wish to use their cameras to shoot movies and videos. As part of the Lensbaby line of specialty camera gear, the Lensbaby 3GPL is meant for shots requiring selective focus. This means that the overall image is blurry or dreamlike in appearance.

Elements of the Lensbaby 3GPL

The Lensbaby 3GPL is a PL mount camera lens that is most ideal for precise moviemaking. Its PL mount ensures that it will fit in most DSLR camera bodies. Advisable for dream sequences, fantasy mood and flashbacks, this specialty lens can be tilted in one fluid motion so filmmakers can choose the so-called Sweet Spot. The Sweet Spot refers to the area in your frame that’s in sharp focus, while the rest fades into a blur.  This lens can be locked into your desired tilt position, and it can also accommodate manual focus through the focus ring. You can’t use other Lensbaby optic lenses with the 3GPL. It comes built-in with their sharpest and most precise Double Glass Optic.

Best Uses for the Lensbaby 3GPL

For moviemakers, the best thing about this lens model is the manual focus. This will give you more flexibility in creating your shots and shifting focus while filming. This type of camera trick is great for highlighting certain aspects in your shots and creating a dramatic moment.

You can also keep the Sweet Spot on a subject by locking the tilt; this still gives you the freedom to move the camera around while retaining the sharp area in your shot.