Using a Photo Printer as a Document Printer

It can sometimes be more important to have a photo printer than one which can print documents, until you have a vital contract or CV which you need to print out. The photo printer is specially designed to only produce color photographs, and is not particularly designed for clear documents, so this can be a serious problem. There are a number of ways in which you can get around this problem.

Two-way Printers

The first method is to purchase a printer which can be adapted to both photograph and document printing. These printers, such as the Photosmart 1218, can manage both text and image, although the production of photos is considerably slower than with a standard photo printer. The images produced by the printer will also not be as high quality as those produced by a printer which is solely designed to create photos.

Change the Format

Another solution might be to upload your document into a JPEG or Bitmap format which means that your photo printer will produce the text as though it were an image. This can sometimes help with the blurring which photo printers produce in documents, too, although it is still unlikely that you will get a decent, crisp edge on your text.

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