Using a Nikon for Digiscoping Photography

Nikon Digiscoping simply means that you are using a Nikon field scope coupled with a digital camera. Nikon provides digiscopes or telescopic lenses in the straight as well as angled formats. Both of these can be used out of the box with a digital camera (either Nikon coolpix or any other brand). We are going to explain how to go about doing this in the following article. You will need to note that only the straight lens is suitable for use with a single lens reflex camera.

Step 1: Selecting the Eyepiece

To take a picture through the field scope, you will need to select a suitable eyepiece. The 30x wide DSI eyepiece gives a magnification of 30 times the original size. However, a greater amount of magnification means that the risk of camera shake increases proportionally. You can use the product documentation to determine the focal lengths achieved using different combinations.

Note: The Nikon field scope 82mm ED straight has been designed for exclusive use with a DSLR camera.

Step 2: Setting up the Scope

To setup the scope, you will mount the scope onto a tripod and then proceed to screw on the eyepiece and then remove the rubber cap. You will then attach the digital camera adapter onto the eyepiece. Now, attach the digital camera to the adapter and finish off the setup by attaching the cable release mechanism.

Step 3: Setting up the Scene Mode

You will now use the camera mode settings to setup the appropriate scene selection for the shot. You will notice that the picture on the LCD screen of the digital camera will show dark edges. Use the zoom mechanism to zoom in to a point where you no longer see these edges. Now adjust the various settings on the digital camera to achieve the desired optical effects.

Also, avoid using the telephoto function if you are using the equipment to shoot a non-stationary subject.

Step 4: Using with a DSLR Camera

As mentioned earlier, the Nikon field scope 82mm ED straight has been designed for exclusive use with a DSLR camera. You will unscrew and remove the default eyepiece from the field scope and add the digital SLR attachment onto it. You will notice that the attachment is compatible with a standard digital F mount, and hence all Nikon digital SLR cameras can be used with it.

Adjust the setscrew to the A setting when using a Nikon digital single reflex camera. Now, adjust the camera position using the setscrew provided on the side.

Note: The camera will now have an extremely long focal length (of the order of 1000 mm). Hence it is extremely important that the whole assembly remains very still while taking the shot.

You can use a bag filled with rice or beans as a stabilizer. This is much more effective than a tripod, which is sensitive to wind and vibrational changes. You can now use the Nikon digiscopes for photography.