Using a Nikon Digiscoping System

Nikon Digiscoping is synonymous with using a Nikon field scope coupled with a digital camera of your choice. You can use either the straight or the angled form of the field scope.

Setting up the Eyepiece and the Scope

Select an eyepiece that is suited to your magnification requirements. For example, the 30x wide DSI eyepiece provides 30 times magnification over the original size. You will need to consult the documentation to determine the focal lengths for each lens combination used.

Setup the scope by mounting it onto a tripod and screw on the eyepiece. Unscrew and remove the default eyepiece from the field scope and add the digital camera or the digital SLR attachment onto it. Adjust the setscrew to the A setting when using a Nikon digital single reflex camera. Now, adjust the camera position using the setscrew provided on the side.

Finish off the setup by attaching the cable release mechanism and the digital camera.

Setting up the Scene

You will remove any dark edges on the LCD picture by zooming in till these are no longer visible. Then, adjust the various settings on your digital camera to achieve the desired optical effects for the scene.

Providing Stabilization

Since the setup now has an extremely long focal length, it will be very vulnerable to shakes and vibrations. Hence, it is extremely important that the whole assembly remains very still while taking the shot. Use a bag filled with rice or beans as a stabilizer. This is much more effective than a tripod that is sensitive to wind and vibration changes.

Using a cable release mechanism instead of relying on the photographer’s hand may provide additional stabilization.