Using a Camera Camcorder Bag for a DSLR

A camera camcorder bag is most often preferred over a regular camera bag for a DSLR. There are several different reasons why you will need a bigger bag for this type of camera.

Bulky Lenses

Because a DSLR is a special type of camera that will capture light in a different way, it has a much bigger lens. Not only are these lenses much larger than your average camera lens, they are much more sensitive as well. You will need to have room for them so that they will not be overcrowded.

Additional Accessories

Because this is a digital camera, there will be batteries and cords to cart around. There are also several different lenses that come with this camera. You will need to be sure that you are able to have enough room to pack all of these accessories without hurting the camera.

Packing Carefully

It is important that whenever you are packing all of this into your camcorder bag, you are able to not over pack and not under pack. Too much room in your bag could result in your camera getting banged around. On the same note, be careful not to over pack your bag as this could break a lens.

Popular Lenses: