Uploading a Picture into a Digital Frame

If you have a picture digital frame with built-in storage, then you will need to find out how to upload images. These photo frames all work in the same basic way. They either read digital photo files off memory cards or internal memory. Either way, most of these will automatically cycle through a number of different photos which are stored on the card.

Anyone with a photo frame which accepts memory cards will find putting photos on there very easy. All you need to do is pop the card out of your camera and then put it into the frame. When dealing with internal storage, however, it's slightly more complicated.


The most common method of uploading photos to a digital photo frame will be by connecting it to your computer. Most of these have USB ports which allow them to be connected to your computer. When connected, the computer will install it and treat it like a removable drive. This allows you to copy photos from your computer and drop them onto the frame.


Some of the better photo frames support wireless networking. This means that you can load photos from online photo sites like Facebook or Flickr. You may also be able to load images off your hard drive.

Importing from Card

Another option is to put a card in the frame and then access the menu to import the photos into the internal storage. This can only be done with some frames.