Underwater Photography: How to Care for Your Underwater Strobe

An underwater strobe is a light specifically designed for underwater photography. It is basically a handheld flash, and it is used in 95% of underwater shots because there is a lot of light lost due to water depth. Because they're electronics that operate underwater and because they're not cheap, you should make every effort possible to keep them properly maintained.

Always Inspect Before Using

Before doing an underwater dive, you should inspect the unit to make sure it is properly sealed. Pay extra attention to the screws because these are the weakest link. Remember, if water is allowed to seep through the casing, it can destroy the entire unit. A quick two minute check can save you a lot of aggravation and money.

Salt Water Is Bad

If you're working in the ocean, then salt water is a huge threat towards your gear. If left unmaintained, the salt will become corrosive and your gear will slowly be destroyed. Preventing this is easy. Simply submerge your gear in fresh water for up to an hour after a salt water dive. The fresh water will dissolve the salt crystals, keeping your gear protected.

Never Open the Casing When It's Wet

Always wait for your gear to be completely dry before opening the casing. Even a little water can damage your equipment.

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