Understanding the Foveon X3 Image Sensor

An image sensor is a device that helps in capturing colors, and most image sensors capture a single color at each layer. However, the Foveon X3 image sensor captures red, green and blue colors at each layer, producing high quality images. It is an advanced feature and unifies both the film and digital technologies.


The Foveon X3 uses three layers of pixels, similar to the technology used in films. These layers are enclosed in silicon, and the three colors penetrate through it at different depths. Thus, the final image has all the colors captured at every layer or point in the process. This technology is innovative and is the starting point for better dual purpose cameras with high quality images. Dual purpose, in this regard, means for both the photography and video recording industries.

VPS or Variable Pixel Size

This lets the pixels integrate by allowing the combination of signals from abutting pixels to form a single large pixel, resulting in a sharper, vivid and full colored image. The sizes of a pixel group vary and are controlled by circuits embedded in the image sensor.

Enhanced Images

This direct, image sensor enhances the quality of an image due the high number of pixels in it. For example, if you take a picture with a Mosaic sensor and a Foveon of equal size, you can see the differences immediately, as the latter has three times more pixels as compared to the former.