Ultimatte: Getting the Most Out of Your Blue Screen

When you are working with Ultimatte software, being able to get the most out of your blue screen is easy. This step by step guide will tell you how to do so.

Step 1: Keep the Images Blurry on the Camera

You will need to turn off all the in-camera sharpening to achieve this. The reason for this is as such. When you take a photo, most cameras will add a sharpening filter before it is saved, which then makes it harder for you to get a clean edge between the foreground and the blue screen.

Step 2: Ensure the Foreground Is Sharp

If the blue screen is slightly blurry, and subject or foreground shot has motion blur, you will struggle to separate the two from each other with the Ultimatte software. You do not want the camera to add artificial sharpening, but you still need to keep everything in the foreground as sharp and focused as possible.

Step 3: Get the Best Resolution

The easiest way to get the best resolution of your subject is to tilt the camera at a 90 degree angle if they are standing or sitting upright. The reason for getting as much resolution as possible is simple; it will make the foreground easier to extract in the Ultimatte software.

Step 4: Get the Best Clothing and Props

When you do the shoot, try to avoid the subject wearing greens, blues, khaki and browns, as this could make the subject disappear into the background. As for the props, you need to ensure that they are not shiny and can be dulled down if there is anything slightly shiny on them.

Step 5: Sort out the Lighting

This is probably the most important step of them all. You will need to make sure that your lighting is completely even throughout the entire screen. If your lighting is wrong in any way after you have done the shoot, people will easily be able to see that it is fake.

Step 6: Preview It as It Happens

The reason for doing this is important, as your subject will need to see what they are interacting with in the background, and you will be able to compare the lighting, positioning and perspective of the subject off-hand.

Step 7: Avoid Unwanted Spill

To do this, you will have to keep the foreground subject as far away from the background as possible. That way, you will have almost no spill to deal with in the Ultimatte software. In order to ensure that no spill is seen, cover the areas that might reflect the blue screen with something non reflective such as a black cloth.

Step 8: Keep Your Blue Screen Clean

This is the simplest of all the steps. All you need to do is strive to keep your blue screen clean and spotless whenever you can. Another good way to do this is to prevent people from walking on it when they do not need to.