Tripod Dolly: Assembling Cheaply

A tripod dolly is a cheap and effective way to create dolly shots. If buying a tripod dolly is not an option for you, then you can easily make your own at home. 

What You Need

  • ruler
  • drill
  • pencil
  • protractor
  • bungee cord
  • three castor wheels
  • three 2" by 4" pieces of wood cut to about one foot each
  • one 1' by 1' piece of plywood
  • tripod
  • eyelet
  • nuts
  • bolts
  • washers

Assembling the Tripod Dolly

First, find the centers of your 1' by 1' piece of plywood by drawing two lines from corner to corner. Then, use the protractor to make a circle around that center. You will draw three lines out of the circle with each one being 120 degrees apart. Place the 2" by 4"s over the lines. Then, drill two holes through both pieces of wood. Use the nuts, bolts, and washers to connect the pieces together. Drill a hole in the center of the plywood, and attach the eyelet to it.

At the end of the 2" by 4"s, you will drill a hole that does not go all the way through. Use a small drill bit size because you will be screwing the wheel castors into this hole. Tighten everything together with a wrench. 

Using a larger bit, drill three holes into the 2" by 4"s for the tripod legs to rest in. Add your tripod to the rig and tie the bungee cord in the middle around the tripod. Then, attach the bungee to the eyelet. You now have a tripod dolly to work with.