Tripod Decisions: With or Without Center Post?

A tripod is a handy tool to have when it comes to taking photographs. You don't have to be a professional photographer to benefit from a tripod. There are several options available when it comes to purchasing one. Some tripods offer a center post, while other tripods don't. Whether or not you need one can be confusing. Here's what you should know.

Center Post

A tripod with a center post will increase stability. This allows you to capture sharper pictures with higher quality. Some tripods offer a hook on the center post to hang a weight. This increases the steadiness and allows for heavier cameras to sit on the tripod without moving. They can also be set up on just about any type of terrain.

Without Center Post

Tripods with a center post can be bulkier and harder to carry around. If you are wanting a tripod to capture the occasional family portrait, or don't find yourself taking lots of pictures on a difficult terrain, the center post may not be necessary. A standard tripod is usually less expensive as well. This is a good option for the weekend photographer who simply wants to capture memorable family events.

Popular Tripods: