Tips for Discretely Using a Timer Remote

A timer remote is a very useful way of taking a photo where you can also appear in the picture. Normally there will always be someone behind the camera. However, a remote makes it possible to trigger the camera from the other side. This is very useful for family portraits and many other types of photography where you don't want to press the shutter button on the camera.

Keep It out of the Shot

The easiest way to use a timer remote discreetly is to make sure that it doesn't appear in the shot. If you are just taking photos of the upper body for example, then this should be easy to do.

Keep It in Your Pocket

Another option would be to put the timer remote in your pocket and subtly press the button when you want to take the photo. This works well if you intend to have your hands in your pockets for the photo.

Use the Timer Delay

Most timer remotes can be set up for a timer delay. This works in the same way as the self timer on your camera but will avoid the need to run across the room to activate it. When using the delay function, simply press the button and then drop the remote into your pocket. You should then have a few seconds to get into position and pose.