Three Reasons to Use a Camera Crane in Home Movies

A camera crane is a device that is used in filmmaking to shoot a scene from a distance. Larger and more sophisticated cranes are operated with a videographer sitting behind the camera or via remote control. During earlier times, the device was only used by larger production companies. These days, independent and student filmmakers can create their own cranes using a few household items. The following are a few reasons on why aspiring filmmakers should use a crane even with making home movies.

1. Allows Filmmakers to be Creative

With using a crane, the range of shots that can be taken using the camera is increased. Filmmakers can film from a high or low point and from a variety of directions depending on the length of the arm on the crane.

2. Can be Controlled from a Distance

Because of the length of the crane’s arm, it allows filmmakers to control the camera from a distance. This allows filmmakers to zoom in and out of the scene quickly without being near the scene itself.

3. Provides Stability

A crane resembles a tripod with a counterweight. This creates a more stable setup, allowing the filmmaker to move the camera and shoot scenes without the need to worry about creating shaky or blurred footage.