Three Easy Steps to Lighting of Photo Studio Backgrounds

Photo studio backgrounds can be fun to work with but if they're not properly lit then they're not going to look good. Here are three easy steps to lighting one the right way.

Get the Equipment

You will need two lights (preferably 2Ks), two light stands, two 4x4 floppy flags, two C-stands and four sandbags. You might also need extension cords.

Set Up the Lights

You want to place each light on a stand and then position it somewhere to the side of the backdrop. They should be mirroring each other in position. Turn the lights on and aim them at the background. You want to position each light so that they illuminate the background without overlapping on each other and causing a bright spot. Once the lights are set put a sandbag on the bottom on the stand's base to prevent it from falling over.

Set Up the Flags

Now that the lights are set you want to set a flag up next to each one to prevent your background light from spilling onto your foreground. Even if that is not an issue you should set the flags anyway so that no one goes blind when they look at the background due to the bright lights right next to it. When your flags are set bag the stands.