Three Digital Video Camera Lens Explained

A video camera lens is an important part of your camcorder. Professional camcorders allow you to implement interchangeable lenses of many different sizes. In contrast, consumer camcorder lenses can be broken down into three categories: zoom, wide angle, and telephoto.


Your camcorder comes with a zoom lens attached to it. When buying a camcorder, try to do some research about the lens before you go to the store, because that will have a huge influence on your image. Carl Zeiss lenses used by Sony have a pretty good reputation. The better the lens, the tighter you can zoom in. Don't be fooled by the term "digital zoom," because this has nothing to do with the physical lens itself. 

Wide Angle

If you're going to buy lens accessories, then invest in the wide angle. It's always possible to get the shot a little tighter by zooming in. But if you want to go wide, you're limited by the space you're in. A wide angle lens compensates for that so you can get wide shots in a tight place. It does slightly distort the image, though. Nothing major, but a trained eye can tell a shot that was captured with a wide angle lens.


Telephoto lenses let you get a tighter shot from a further distance. These are great when shooting subjects like nature. Plus, both wide angle and telephoto lenses screw over your standard zoom lens. This means you can zoom in tighter by using the telephoto.

Popular Lenses: